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When accessing the enhanced portal for the first time, you and/or your client will be asked to create a new login by entering a new username and password.  Please see the step by step instructions below.

 Step 1: On the "User Login" box located on the left of this page click on "Register"

 Step 2: This will open the "Create a new user account" page

 Step 3: Create a username of your choosing, along with a password, and enter your personal information in the indicated fields. 

 Step 4: In the "Personal Information" section you will need to enter your Morgan Stanley GIFT account number as it is found on your statement as well as your name and statement delivery ZIP code.

IMPORTANT - Advisors, please provide your e-mail address, name and the zip code of your branch when registering your account for the first time.  Please do not provide the donor’s personal information (name, address, zip code) when registering. If you are listed as the financial advisor on a donor’s GIFT account along with other individual advisors or under the name of a group, please contact us to confirm whose name should be listed in which field on the registration page.

Once your login has been created, you will automatically be directed to the homepage of GIFT's new portal.  From the homepage, you will be able to obtain account balances, print statements and forms, and make grant recommendations.

If you experience any problems please call us at 855-865-GIFT and we will be glad to help.